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GFP Matching Campaign

We are supporting humanitarian relief efforts on the ground through Global Giving.

Money raised is going to support the millions of civilians in need, with a focus on the most vulnerable via the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Through this campaign, GFP Real Estate and their tenants donated over $200,000.

While the matching campaign is over, you may continue to donate to the Global Giving Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund directly.

The horror of war is devastating Ukraine. Here’s how we can help.

“We are all horrified by what we are witnessing on the news every day and I decided that we can’t stand by and do nothing. This is our plan to help, and we hope you will join us in this endeavor.”

Jeff Gural, Chairman, GFPRE


The #GFPRECARES campaign is our outreach and community support program. Supporting people and communities is a key value of GFP Real Estate.