We are excited to continue the rich family traditions of integrity and the pursuit of excellence that have been instilled in each of us, marking the cornerstone of the company since it was founded.

Jane Gural-Senders (Principal)

Committed to building a better New York since 1952, GFP Real Estate is a vertically integrated owner, operator, property manager and developer of commercial real estate in the New York Tri-State Region. With over 50 buildings and more than 11 million square feet under Ownership, GFP’s portfolio includes some of the City’s most iconic real estate assets, including the Flatiron Building (175 Fifth Avenue), The Film Center Building (630 Ninth Avenue), 515 Madison Avenue, 1560 Broadway and 40 Worth Street. In addition to managing and leasing its own properties, GFP also provides management and leasing services to third-party building owners, representing an additional 22 buildings that cover more than 4 million square feet. The combined GFP portfolio of both owned and managed properties totals 72 buildings and approximately 16 million square feet, cementing the firm's reputation as one of New York City's premiere real estate owners and operators.

GFP Real Estate delivers unparalleled service to their over 2,500 tenants, one-third of which are non-profits. The company employs more than 600 full-time professionals to oversee every element of real estate management. Their dedication results in a remarkable 90% tenant renewal rate and 99% occupancy rate.

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Our values set us apart in the marketplace. We treat our tenants with the same care and thoughtful attention we would our family members. We are dedicated to providing them with best-in-class buildings.

AnnyRose Pahl (General Counsel)

Over three generations and nearly seven decades, the Gural Family has worked to build a better New York City through its ownership and management of commercial real estate, work with non-profit organizations and dedication to the community. Formerly Newmark Holdings, the newly renamed GFP Real Estate is defined by its commitment to its tenants, partners and property.

Carrying on the tradition started by Founder Aaron Gural, today’s Family leadership includes Chairman Jeffrey Gural, Co-Chief Executive Officers Eric Gural and Brian Steinwurtzel, Principal Jane Gural-Senders and General Counsel AnnyRose Pahl. Each member of the team is dedicated to improving New York City through property development, strong tenant relationships, and community involvement. With that legacy in mind, the company focuses on the small- and medium-sized tenants and nonprofit organizations within New York City. To work with GFP Real Estate is to become part of our family.

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Many non-profits are priced out of Manhattan buildings – but not from ours. These organizations play a vital role in our city and the wider community.

Eric Gural

GFP is committed to its tenants and to the city of New York as a whole. We believe that our tenants add value to our buildings and have the power to create better local communities and a stronger city. As proud multi-generational New Yorkers, the Gural family leads by example, with a company mission statement that prioritizes family values and a legacy of community improvement.

Our family members and employees are dedicated to making the city a better place to live and work through civic engagement, community involvement, and nurturing longstanding relationships with small businesses and non-profits. GFP dedicates more than 3 million square feet of prime office space to housing non-profit organizations that might otherwise be priced out of the city.

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Since the firm’s inception, GFP Real Estate has built a reputation for being a good partner committed to lasting relationships. The firm’s financial partners range from small private investors and regional lenders to the world’s largest lenders, institutional equity investors and REITs. A select group of GFP’s partners are included below.