GFP Real Estate’s leasing and marketing team leads the leasing efforts for 62 properties comprising over 12 million square feet located throughout all major submarkets of the New York Metropolitan area. The team develops comprehensive, individualized marketing and leasing strategies that align with the goals of each property’s owner. GFP’s team handles all aspects of the leasing and marketing process including market strategy, design, branding, rent pricing, tenant and broker canvassing, tenant negotiations and prospect activity reporting. After lease execution, our agents are committed to maintaining lasting relationships with all of our tenants. GFP’s marketing team leads our corporate and portfolio strategic marketing and branding efforts in collaboration with the firm’s other departments. GFP’s team gets involved early in the design process to ensure consistency with the strategic plan for each property.

Capabilities - Leasing & tenant representation
Leasing Contact
Eric M. Gural
(212) 372.2021
Courtney L. Adham
Marketing Contact
(212) 372.0713

Tenant Representation

With decades of experience and numerous longstanding industry relationships, GFP is dedicated to ensuring all of our clients’ needs are effectively and efficiently met, so they can focus on making sure their own businesses thrive. Our services are designed to assist in every situation and add real value to our clients’ businesses.

At GFP, our Tenant Representation Team acts not just as a representative, but as a trusted partner, advisor and an extension of your own organization. We believe that our firm’s deep roots in building ownership and management offer a unique and essential skillset to help clients effectively navigate the highly competitive commercial office marketplace and best identify the space to suit their specific needs. Through in-depth market research and comprehensive analyses, our team’s approach helps our clients make informed decisions. Whether relocating, renewing, downsizing or expanding, our methodology is precisely tailored for each client’s specific business requirements. Once the ideal space has been identified, GFP will negotiate and secure the most favorable lease terms on our client’s behalf.

Moreover, our platform offers wide-ranging resources to assist our clients in making their space transition as informative and effortless as possible. Available services include space analysis, planning and design, financial advisory, construction management and project supervision.

Client satisfaction is a team effort – and is a core GFP objective. We are committed to developing the best possible outcomes to benefit our clients over the long term.

Capabilities - Tenant Representation
Tenant Representation Contact
Allen J. Gurevich
(212) 609.7141